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Our company has been operating on the IT market since May 2002. Initially, we acted as COMMIT.IT Błażej Pastuszka, from 2020 as COMMIT.IT Sp. z o.o.

We provide comprehensive services in the field of IT systems maintenance in companies, we offer hire of specialists in the areas of analytics, programming, designing IT solutions, as well as consulting and training. We ensure stability, security, business continuity and high performance of IT systems – in a word, we provide peace of mind.

We are experts in increasing productivity. We have developed our own DEEPTune methodology for increasing the efficiency of IT systems based on databases. We increase the speed of the processes (SQL queries) in the database, which allows you to achieve large savings on hardware and licenses without any deterioration of system performance and stability.

If you want to be calm about the model operation of your IT system, please contact us.

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IT competences that support your business

We set the bar really high. All our specialists are senior or expert people with extensive knowledge and many years of experience in their field. The vast majority of our employees are certified – Oracle (OCA, OCP), Microsoft (MSCA, MSCE), IBM (Certified Specialist, Certified Systems Expert).

The competences of our specialists are the key to our success, because we believe that only competent people can guarantee that the services we provide are of the highest quality. This is confirmed by our clients, praising us for the speed and efficiency of operation and for a very high quality / price ratio.

The great advantage of our employees is the experience gained while working in large international companies. They know what team work is, they know the rules of team communication, ticket systems, project methodologies, they know corporate standards.

Our goal is to achieve synergy. Together with you, we strive to create something more than just adding another competence to your team.


Technology has to keep up with the ever-increasing requirements of access, speed and specificity of processing, it is to help people make accurate and quick decisions. It is also supposed to securely collect key information.

We perceive technology as a tool that serves people and we can tailor it to the requirements of a given company like no one else.

We operate on various layers, in the area of ​​databases (ORACLE, MSSQL, Postgresql), operating systems (UNIX, Linux and Microsoft), we also deal with backup systems and cloud solutions. We help select server hardware (servers, arrays, disks, tape libraries, etc.).

Working with us, you can be sure that we will choose a solution tailored to your needs and that it will not be a scaled-up solution.