Hardware and integration

We select, deliver and implement hardware and software


We offer sale of servers, disk arrays, tape libraries, and switches. We offer equipment from Lenovo, IBM, Dell, HP, Cisco and other leading manufacturers.

We have seen many times how the implementation of new equipment is delayed by trifles, e.g. someone forgot to order FC cables for the arrays.

Therefore, we pay attention to details, we make sure that you do not forget to order all the necessary elements and accessories needed for the proper operation of the equipment.


Many companies sell servers and arrays, but not all of them also migrate the current system to new hardware.

By commissioning us with a complete set of works, you can be sure that you will not be surprised by delays or additional costs (costs of installing equipment in RAC cabinets, equipment configuration costs, etc.), and the work will be carried out in accordance with the good practices of hardware and software manufacturers.

The method of execution is extremely important when migrating.

Often times, this cheapest method is not the best method, and the most frequent migrant is simply maximizing profits.

We always try to offer our clients the best possible method.


Oracle databases can be migrated in many ways, the easiest and the fastest is to copy files or restore from backup.

The best and the most difficult method is data export / import. Thanks to this method, the database is defragmented (size reduction is usually 20-50%) and the application performance increases after migration.