IT systems maintenance

We provide peace of mind, we care about the stability and security of your systems

We will provide you with the highest level of support.

We know how difficult it is to find employees with appropriate competences, especially if the IT team is sparse and everyone has to deal with many different technologies, often very distant. We know that it is becoming more and more difficult to meet the financial requirements of employees. We know how problematic employee rotation or their longer illness can be.

We also know what losses can be caused by actions of a person with insufficient competences

Stability and continuity of work

We offer maintenance of:

Thanks to cooperation with us, you gain the support of the entire team with expert competence. We have many years of experience gained in large and very large companies.

We dealt with the maintenance of various environments, from small to very extensive. We have developed and proven methods of securing systems against failures. We act proactively, monitor the operation of systems and databases in order to deal with possible problems in the bud.

Thanks to us, you can sleep well, we will take care of your system and ensure its continuous and trouble-free operation.

Budget transparency

As part of the fixed monthly fee, we will maintain the continuous and stable operation of the system. We will advise, monitor the system, take care of the application of good practices, perform daily standard administrative activities, prevent failures and – if they occur – remove their effects as quickly and efficiently as possible.

For an additional fee, settled according to the number of hours worked, we can also carry out additional work related to the development of the environment. We will deliver and implement new equipment, perform migration, optimize the system or its selected elements, and perform programming work.

The accounting rules are clear and predictable.

Limiting business risks

An IT system failure is a risk of production or sales interruption and, consequently, measurable financial losses.

We advise on what solution to choose to minimize the risk of failure and reduce the duration of the failure and its possible effects (redundancy, backup environments, stand-by bases, clusters, etc.). We help to find the most effective solution within the given budget.

We have seen hundreds of different solutions and thousands of different environments. We know which solutions are the most stable and effective, and which are better to avoid.

We help to create Disaster Recovery plans in the event of a crisis situation, most often a critical failure that disables the possibility of operational work (flood, fire, etc.).

Reaction speed

Time is money.

Every minute of system downtime, every delay in the project is measurable, countable losses. We know this, which is why we try to ensure that all requests addressed to us are processed as soon as possible, faster than we guarantee in the SLA. Customers praise the speed and effectiveness of our actions, we have heard many times that they are surprised by such a quick implementation of the reported tasks and problems.

Regardless of the ticket registration systems, we provide the option of reporting problems directly to the administrator responsible for a given client.

Methodology of operation

Almost every environment is different, with different architecture, different business requirements, different nature of work, different procedures or lack of them. Therefore, the very moment of taking over the maintenance can be problematic and result in instability in the operation of the system.

We know this, which is why we have proven procedures to ensure that our takeover of the maintenance goes smoothly and without any problems.

Next steps when starting cooperation:

1. We perform an initial environmental audit to get to know the environment, its limitations and requirements.
2. We prepare an offer based on the audit and analysis of your needs.
3. After accepting our offer, we perform an environmental inventory in order to update the technical documentation, collect and verify the currently used procedures and prepare recommendations for environmental development.
4. We present a work plan to increase the stability and safety of the environment
5. We implement monitoring tools
6. We take over the supervision of the environment