Learn from industry-best practitioners.

It's best to learn from practitioners

We believe that it is best to learn from people who, apart from knowledge, have enormous practical experience.

Therefore, our training is conducted only by practitioners, people with several years of experience in their specialty.

During our training courses, we provide not only knowledge, but also practical, proven ways of using it. We discuss common problems and the most effective methods of preventing or solving them. We try to adapt each training to the needs of the trainees – we focus primarily on those elements of the training that participants will use in their work.

The vast majority of training on the market is based on the use of work support tools, all kinds of graphic wizards. It is very convenient and quick, as long as there are no problems. In this case, it is necessary to perform some work from the shell / command line level, which is not discussed in the training.

We assume that these types of tools can only be used when we no longer need them, because we can do the same from the shell level. Therefore, as one of the few, we also teach how to do work “by hand”, without the help of wizards.

Increased training efficiency

Training makes a lot of effort for the participants. It’s hard to stay focused for a few hours a day, day after day. It is important that the participants are not distracted and that they provide the best possible rest during breaks and “after hours”.

Therefore, we offer training outside the company’s premises (even when the whole group is from one company).

We especially recommend training in the area of ​​Bukowina Tatrzańska.

The participants are not distracted from the training, they can focus better on the content conveyed. An additional advantage is the availability of the tutor at all times – you can ask additional questions, advise on solutions or problems. Students can rest better after the training – trips to Zakopane or a walk to the mountains are possible.

Our experience and the opinions of our clients show that this is the most effective form of training.

The scope of training

We offer training in databases and Linux / Unix operating systems:

We encourage you to contact us to learn the details of the training.